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The Highs and Lows of Golf

So yesterday I played in my first PGA event for about 3 years and it was a blast. The event was a PGA Trainee Open day which I was invited to by close friend and Murrimbidgee Golf Club Trainee Professional, Cameron Mackay. It was a great day for golf with a slight breeze, not a cloud in the sky, and 21 degrees. The Location: Riverside Oaks - Bungool Course This place is an incredible golf course, a great combination of links and woodlands style holes with plenty of water and well manicured fairways and greens, whilst not an overly long course there is plenty of times you have to stop and think about the shot you are about to play, it would be fun (but very challenging to play a SpeedGolf

Whats in the Bag (SpeedGolf)

Since taking up SpeedGolf at the start of the year a lot of people have been asking me.... What clubs do you use for SpeedGolf? So here it is. Callaway X-Hot 2007 15° 3 Wood - Yes this thing is 11 years old and I still haven't found anything to beat it. It's the old faithful that gets me down the fairway and has the ability to get some real distance (230-250m) Srixon ZU65 18° Utility 2iron - This is a recent addition to the bag and to be honest I'm not sure yet if its saving me enough shots to warrant the extra weight in the bag. It definitely comes in handy for some long fairway shots and any shots I need to keep low out of the tree-line. I will have to run a couple more rounds with i

How to create more spin on your wedge shots (the easy way)

There are three main factors that influence the amount of spin you get from your wedge shots - Club-head speed - Angle of attack - Cleanness of strike Club head speed and angle of attack are quite simple to work out, the faster you swing the club the more the ball will compress onto the face and create backspin. conjointly the steeper our swing plane or more we hit 'down' on the ball the further it will roll up onto the face and also create more backspin. The trouble with simply speeding up our swing speed or steepening our angle of attack the less likely we are able to make clean and consistent contact with the face of the club on the ball and it is the cleanness of strike where most


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