Laser Focus for Driving

Many club golfers set up on each tee with the aim of simply keeping the ball within the tree line or within the bounds of the fairway. The problem with doing this is that by giving yourself such a huge target area to aim for you only need to be a little bit off target and you are in the trees again. A lot of club golfers will also tend to focus on the negatives such as ‘I need to stay away from the water hazard’ or ‘I can’t hit it left here or I’ll be out of bounds’ which often causes the body to tense up and in these situations players will do exactly what they focused on ‘not doing’. Some players will also go to the polar extreme, and by staying away from the left hand side OOB end up hitting it 30m into the right trees. Do any of these situations sound like your last game of golf? If so, I challenge all of you to try this simple tip during your next round whilst teeing off on every hole. Rather than aiming for the fairway, really dial in your senses and pinpoint a specific target on the golf course such as…

  • The small mound in the middle of the fairway

  • The player in the group in front walking along the middle 300m away

  • if there is a dogleg and you can’t over hit the corner a great target would be a specific tree or landmark in a direct line through the middle of the fairway

  • The small patch of dry grass in the centre of the landing area

Every course will have different targets for you to focus on but the key to all of this is focus on a small target to block out external influences and to avoid thinking about the dangers on each hole. This can be extended to your approach shots, chipping and putting but let’s start simple for now with the driving as we generally have a much larger landing area than any other shot.