How to create more spin on your wedge shots (the easy way)

There are three main factors that influence the amount of spin you get from your wedge shots - Club-head speed

- Angle of attack - Cleanness of strike Club head speed and angle of attack are quite simple to work out, the faster you swing the club the more the ball will compress onto the face and create backspin. conjointly the steeper our swing plane or more we hit 'down' on the ball the further it will roll up onto the face and also create more backspin. The trouble with simply speeding up our swing speed or steepening our angle of attack the less likely we are able to make clean and consistent contact with the face of the club on the ball and it is the cleanness of strike where most people will find the fastest results in creating more spin. When practising your pitching and chipping the main focus should be on making clean contact with the club face on the ball, striking the ball first and making a slight divot after impact is what we are looking for. Start from a short distance (10-15m) hitting some chips and short pitch shots and gradually move away from the green (10-15m increments) until you get to a distance of 60-70m from the green. It is also very important to choose the right ball for the performance level you require, its always great fun to buy the most expensive tour balls and watch them spin more than anything else but the price you pay is generally increased spin on ALL your shots. Do you really want your driver spinning the ball twice as much??? Two other often dismissed factors will influence how well you spin the ball and these are HOW SHARP ARE THE GROOVES ON YOUR WEDGE and HOW MUCH DIRT DO YOU LEAVE IN THE GROOVES. It is important to keep your wedges in good shape and as clean as possible and most regular golfers should be cleaning their wedges after EVERY shot with a plastic cleaning brush and replacing their wedges every 8-12 months as the grooves wear away. Hitting a wedge with no grooves is like trying to drive in the wet with bald tyres alternatively hitting a wedge with the groves full of mud is like trying to drive a Ferrari in a grass paddock, it just doesn't work. So, make sure to chose the right ball, clean your club after every shot, and update your wedges regularly.