Whats in the Bag (SpeedGolf)

Since taking up SpeedGolf at the start of the year a lot of people have been asking me.... What clubs do you use for SpeedGolf? So here it is. Callaway X-Hot 2007 15° 3 Wood -

Yes this thing is 11 years old and I still haven't found anything to beat it. It's the old faithful that gets me down the fairway and has the ability to get some real distance (230-250m) Srixon ZU65 18° Utility 2iron -

This is a recent addition to the bag and to be honest I'm not sure yet if its saving me enough shots to warrant the extra weight in the bag. It definitely comes in handy for some long fairway shots and any shots I need to keep low out of the tree-line. I will have to run a couple more rounds with it and then trial taking it out. Shot distance from a good lie with this one is 200-215m however I can hold it back a bit if I need about a 180-190m shot on a long par 3 or into a par 5 Srixon Z765 7 Iron and Pitching Wedge -

These irons are incredible, nice soft feel and a good combination of distance, workability and forgiveness. I will pull out the 7 iron anywhere from 130-170m and work my hands and the clubface depending on the shot I need to hit. For the longer shots I will play the ball more in the middle of my stance with the hands forwards and really give it a rip. My normal swing which is about 85% of my maximum normally gets me home from around the 150m mark and for the shorter shots I play the ball a bit more forwards and take a bit off my swing speed. Mostly this is done by sight and feel since you need to be very reactive to your surrounds when playing SpeedGolf. The PW is normally my go-to club from 110-115m and in the same manner that I adjust my swing with the 7 iron I manipulate my body position and swing to allow me to hit it anywhere from 90-130m. Cleveland RTX-3 V-MG 56° Loft 11° Bounce Specialty Wedge - This wedge gives me everything I need for SpeedGolf. Spin to allow me to control the ball on the greens, versatility allowing me to open and close the face to hit different shots when required, a little bit of bounce for forgiveness by not allowing the leading edge to dig in. I will generally use this club anywhere inside 90m right up to the green's edge. It's very important to have confidence in your wedges (especially for SpeedGolf) and this club really delivers on all aspects. Ping Scottsdale Anser 1966 - A remake of the original this putter has plenty of character. To be honest I would love to put some other different putters in the bag but with the rough and tumble of SpeedGolf I just don't want to get any of my others damaged. Over the years this putter has taken a bit of a hammering and has a bit more loft then usual which makes it perfect for 1 handed putting where I get my hand way forward. The Ball Srixon Z-Star XV Yellow - This is the longest tour ball that I have used, it does feel a bit firm compared to many other tour balls but what I've found is that is gives me great distance as well as the right amount of spin to suit my game. I can hit shots into greens from distance and get the ball to hold without spinning back off the front and i can also get the ball to check up on my shorter chip shots. Even before starting SpeedGolf I have used the yellow version because it is very easy to see in the air and quickly identifiable. I'm not sure if there is a perfect ball for elite SpeedGolf but this is definitely my pick.